• Our mission

    Why we work everyday

    Unleashing the human potential,

    at the heart of the success of our client's transformations

    Who are we ?

    A team of hybrid consultants who work with you and your teams on the strategic and organizational challenges of your company, designing tailor-made interventions. It is in our tenacity, our optimism and our trust in the intrinsic resources of human organizations that we find the levers to move mountains and explore new territories !


    Why this name ?

    • First because "continent" etymologically means "hold together" and that all we envisage is part of a collective dynamic! Furthermore a continent is a vast area of ​​discovery! We are driven by exploration, travel and the discovery of unknown horizons and unsuspected resources.
    • And the number 8 then ? Well if we change the angle of view, an horizontal eight (∞) becomes the symbol of the infinite: it represents for us the unlimited possibilities offered to individuals to work together, organizations to develop their performance, to the markets to welcome innovations.

    With our clients as well as with our own team !


    Curiosity and empathy !

    Take into account the unique context of the other, be supportive and available, relieve a colleague underwater by sharing his load, welcome the emotions of everyone, take the time to have lunch together and tell each other jokes, including with clients !


    Freedom and autonomy !

    We trust people a priori: the opinion of everyone counts, everyone can choose his schedules and work remotely according to his needs, no one has any doubt about the respect of the commitments made by each one.

    We have confidence in the effectiveness of our know-how: our methods and work processes are proven, the feedback from our customers confirm the benefits of our cooperation.


    Until the end !

    We have convictions and ethics to develop the human and its well-being: to accompany in the long term, to cultivate sincere and authentic relations, to co-build with and for the client.


    A constant necessity !

    We support and advise our clients in their bold projects: open the range of possibilities by overcoming the "yes but it is not possible", be an "energizing" resource, challenge by asking the questions that are sometimes sore points. We carry a double ambition: human - to succeed with what we are - and performance - to succeed with what we have.


    Choosing the path is already a first trip together


    Establish truth

    Our missions begin with a genuine exchange with you and your team. Our goal is to frame your expectations, set the rules of the game, and especially to get to know each other in order to build a relationship of trust.


    Perceive the issues and stakes

    We strive to understand the environment in which you operate. What matters to us is to be aware of your issues and stakes.


    Identify key players

    We take care to identify the key players, to understand their expectations and the relationships that bind them.


    Co-develop the itinerary

    We choose with you an angle of attack and a route that will encourage actors to mobilize themselves, to innovate, sometimes to change their point of view!

  • And now...

    IT's time to meet the liberators of potentials