From consultant to liberator of potentials

    A long time ago...

    ... a leader was looking for expert consultants who could make a diagnosis, produce recommendations, implement corrective actions and finely manage deviations.


    After notable progress, the leader noted a shortcoming/limitation of results and a feeling of overflow: always more projects, more and more indicators, coordination meetings, processes, action plans and disengagement... Despite multiple mobilization plans, there was no evidence of more commitment, more innovation, more well-being at work. "It's the fault of resistance to change !"


    Weary but determined, the leader looked for an alternative: he felt that his team, his company could meet the challenges, but that they were not doing the right thing. "We waste our time, we waste our resources and talents, we go around in circles ...!"


    The leader, moved by his human values, did not give up and looked for a hybrid consultant who would make him take the step aside (and not the misstep !).


    This is the genesis of Huitième Continent, a group of hybrid consultants who have come together and claim to be liberators of human potentials.




    We take action when the human factor is crucial to achieve success

    Co-build a shared vision and an engaging strategy

    In an unstable environment

    Unlock the potential of the teams in charge of the vision of their organization:

    • Co-build a team of leaders with a meaningful vision and co-develop a strategy
    • Develop the levers and appropriate tools to implement this strategy

    Accompany people in transformations

    In a complex environment

    Unleashing the potential of teams in charge of transforming their organization:

    • Mobilize the collective and focus on the “human change management”
    • Support organizational design in the service of collective performance
    • Get into the action with innovative tools and methods

    Develop a bold


    In a challenging environment

    Unlock the potential of managers:

    • Build tailor-made courses to develop new approaches and new leadership skills at the service of strategic issues
    • Design interactive seminars where collective intelligence is central
  • OUR clients

    Those who made the right choice by trusting us !