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    Fabrice Bühler

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    What drives me is the challenge ! I plan to accompany complex transformations such as climbing a hill on my mountain bike. During the climb, be tactical, economical and play the balance. Then reaching the top, satisfaction of the performance. Finally the downhill: stay on its supports, feel the adrenaline and especially have fun ! I like supporting projects from start to finish: from vision to implementation. Also passionate about strategy and marketing, among the projects that excite me the most are those that deal with innovation, the launch of an activity and the establishment of agile organizations ! I found in Eighth Continent the ideal place to combine all these aspirations and improve my know-how. I have developed specific expertise in Design Thinking, Agile methods applied to strategy and organization and organizational sociology (sociodynamics, behavioral economics ...). Never fed-up when it comes to learning, my motivational driver is to progress, it energizes me so much !

    Ludovic Herman

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    I was born in Picardy in Laon, 50 years after the armistice and 6 months after May 68. After a rewarding but thankless studies at Lycée Louis le Grand, I studied at the University Paris-Dauphine where greedily attended to the lunch -break conferences of my mentor Jean Baudrillard. I then moved to New York for my MBA at Baruch College. When I returned to France, I experienced the life of a job seeker, became a waiter and discovered the customer relationship management. I joined a consulting firm, Dorlanne and Associates, that gave me the unique privilege of becoming their first employee ! Having become a full-time international consultant, I took off every Monday by plane for… Brussels. One night, after an earthquake, I had a revelation: my quest is the human nature ! In a passionate move, I enrolled in evening classes at the CNAM in Labor Psychology. I got to the point where I was convinced that my way was to combine entrepreneurship and coaching. After a 12 years in the big consulting firms where I benchmarked different ways of transforming organisations I started up my own company in 2007, while training myself as a business coach at Transformance with Nicolas Bühler. We finally decided to join force and founded Huitième Continent. The beginning of an exciting journey !

    Nicolas Bühler

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    The more years go, the more I want to contribute to change the world around us. The challenges I prefer are: combine a high ambition, a beautiful complexity and a strong human dimension.

    To try not to become an old consultant, I strive to:

    • create, invent, innovate... alone or within a “band”; maybe it comes from my passion for jazz - I've been playing the piano since I was a kid ;
    • permanently adapt myself, steer any project while being ready for unforeseen changes, but also observe what surrounds me to anticipate the movements ; it perhaps comes from my passion for the sailing that I’ve been practicing forever on boats from 3 to 30 meters, mostly as skipper ;
    • fight to bring humanist values ​​and try to share them whenever possible ; maybe it comes from my Protestant education.

    Apart from that, after a PhD in Management Sciences, I was consultant and manager at Bossard Consultants and PwC, I then created two companies before starting up Huitième Continent to advise and coach leaders and support their teams.


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